Organic - Fair Trade - Sustainability - Vegan - Cruelty Free

Meet my suppliers for our European Market.

Italian Organic Olive Oil - Carbon Neutral

I’m very proud to source my organic extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Montecchia situated in my homeland Abruzzo, Italy.

At Frantoio Montecchia, olive oil production is a family tradition based on study, experimentation and continuous innovation through safe machinery, renewable energy and organic agriculture. Everything is done respecting our mother nature. 

The entire heating system of the oil mill is powered by the olive seed. The woody part is separated from the pomace of the olives to obtain a 100% natural fuel with high calorific value. The life of the olives continues in the processing of waste. The oil mill is also powered by solar panels for most part of the year. 

Organic Coconut Oil - Cruelty Free

Sourcing Ingredients is the search of local producers practiced with ethical values: quality, sustainability, transparency towards customers, build trust and long lasting connections with producers together with site visits to the farms is at the base of Aumyana business ethics. 


Aumyana is a small business founded in France by a young couple who chose to work exclusively with small traditional farms using the old way to pick coconuts with bamboo sticks instead of using monkeys.


Unfortunately the big intensive production farms of coconut oil use and abuse animals (mostly monkeys) to pick a higher quantity of coconuts per day. Aumyana only works with artisans who pick coconuts with bamboo sticks instead of animals. 

Raw Shea Butter - Supporting a Community in Burkina Faso

Tamneere is an association founded under the principle of fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly.


It's made mostly by a group of motivated women who work to highlight the local natural Burkinabe products from Guillé.

They practice a 100% natural farming and their shea is certified pure without chemicals.


The production is 100% handmade and traditional.
No chemicals are used in the field or for the processing of the products. The only fertilizer used is organic manure.
The association chooses the principle of quality instead of quantity: low yield but better quality! Year after year they keep seeds of each type and mainly produce: sesame, groundnuts, hibiscus and shea.

Sustainable Organic Essential Oils - Circular Economy.

Distillerie Bel Air, from the South of France, are producers and distillers of many local essential oils and operate under the principle of circular economy.

To save precious water and energy, their tools are modified and protocols refined. Nothing is lost. Once the distillation of a plant is complete, the materials emptied of their aromas begin a second life. Either in compost, in mulch, in litter for goats or even in insulation for eco-construction. 

Distillerie Bel Air works the land slowly, following the rhythm of the seasons, respecting soils and also the animals that live there: no ploughing, no fast machinery, but planted trees. 

..and more...

Clays dried under the sun 🌞

This small company in the South of France produces high quality clays according to the most ancient artisanal method: simply dried by the sun. That's why their name: Les Argiles du Soleil.

Their clays are raw, not processed, not heated and not ionized so they can preserve all their natural properties. They do not contain chemical products, parabens, GMOs. 



Organic Botanicals

The company Cailleau Herboristerie is above all a family company who began their activity in the 19th century.

Very attentive to quality and looking to the future, they are known, thanks to their ancestral know-how, to be the essential reference in French herbalism. All their botanicals are certified with technical documents showing their purity and characteristics.


Handmade Accessories

A ceramist located in Nantes, France is supplying us with these wonderful soap dishes for our Zero-Waste Kitchen collection.

They are handmade in sandstone and they come in different natural colors inspired by the colors of our Mother Earth.