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You won’t be surprised but …single-use packaging is a major contributor to the global plastic pollution crisis.

Plastic bags, straws, plastic bottles and containers, used once and then discarded, are not all recycled and often end up in landfills and oceans.

How to take action? 💪🏼

Making the switch to reusable items can help reduce the amount of single-use packaging in our lands and oceans.

I hear you it’s not easy and I have to be honest ….the first time I put a metal straw in my mouth I almost thought I broke a tooth.. 😣 but once I realized how it felt, the second time it was so much better and now I really don’t see a problem and on the contrary when I drink a smoothy or a cocktail with a straw I feel no guilt! 🙂

Nowadays to be eco conscious it does take an extra step but that extra step is totally worth it, it’s done for ourselves and the future of our children.

Few habits to abandon? Say no to:

🚫get plastic bags to carry groceries,

🚫using plastic straws

🚫Buy small quantity boxes

🚫Get plastic cutlery when you order take out

🚫Use paper towel daily

Instead, if you haven’t started yet, try to start doing this:

✅bring a reusable bag.

✅Use a reusable metal straw.

✅Use your own cutlery

✅Buy in bulk or opt for items in glass/metal

✅Opt for cloth kitchen towel that you can wash thousands of times in your washing machine

There’s still many other switches I’m struggling with that I have to make and in my experience the best way is to start a bit at a time.

I love I was able to quit daily use of paper towel for example but still struggling with tooth paste instead..

What was the easy swap for you and what are you still struggling with?


Photo Credits: Catherine Sheila and Skylar Kang v. Pexels
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