About Me



My name is Carol, I come from Central Italy but have been living in New York for the past 12 years.

I got introduced into soap making through a close friend of mine. When I tried his handmade soaps, I could feel the difference of a natural handmade product on my skin versus a store purchased one. It was mild to my skin, gentle in its lather and scent.

I also realized that if me and my family started using soap bars we could drastically reduce the consumption of plastic while using products that we know are good quality, without chemical/synthetic ingredients.

The hectic life of New York City, between a demanding full time job and a young child to raise at home did not allow me at that time to fully develop this interest, not even as a hobby.

Then COVID-19 happened and I found myself stuck at home as everyone else. Washing hands with soaps became a necessity as well as making soaps to make sure our hands were clean but also not too dry from the frequent usage, especially for my little one who started having rashes from the stores bought soaps and detergents.

The lockdown definitely helped me. I spent a lot of time home researching about soap making techniques, attending online classes, learning about botanicals and their natural properties, looking for good quality and sustainable ingredients, .... this passion grew each day and made me so happy to see each product I was able to make each time...

Well, one soap recipe after the other and here we are!


Photo Credit: Francesca Magnani Photography



My Italian Roots

I grew up in Italy surrounded by olive trees and I always appreciated the fresh olive oil from our land in our daily diet. What I didn’t realize at that time, was what olive oil can do for our skin.

Olive oil is well known for its properties. It’s one of the few oils that can be used up to 100% in soap making. It is deeply moisturizing and nourishing to the skin and rich in antioxidants.

Olive oil gives the soap a gentle, thin creamy lather making it a great choice for any skin type. It's the main ingredient of my soap.


My soaps are palm oil free. Palm oil helps create long lasting hard soaps with fluffy lather at a cheap price. Because this oil is overly used in so many industries, its production has a very negative impact on our environment.

Bolle di Natura also offers a returnless refund policy with the purpose of eliminating the negative environmental impacts of online selling in the return process.

When shipped, my boxes are plastic free and made with recycled or compostable material!

High Quality Ingredients

I carefully select my ingredients to ensure the highest quality of my products: edible/food grade and organic anytime when possible.

Oils are cold pressed and virgin and butters are always unrefined. Exfoliants and colorants are 100% natural: herbs, roots, spices and clays. The scent of my soap is subtle as it comes exclusively from pure essential oils and from the botanicals. Soaps with strong fragrances are always synthetic/chemically made and not always good for your skin and our planet.