Essential oils: what to use and when

When I started formulating my own recipes, I had to choose how to scent my soaps.

My priority was to pick only natural ingredients to nourish and sooth our skin and since I also love the aromatherapy effect of essential oils, I excluded the idea of using fragrances.

Fragrances are also less well tolerated by the skin, especially the more sensitive ones.

Essential oils give benefits to body and soul and are widely used for natural healing when possible even though they must be used cautiously according to the supplier safety guidelines.

Let's look at how to pick them:

🌿lavender: to promote a deep sleep
🌿orange: to create a happy and relaxed feeling, mood lifter
🌿chamomile: to promote relaxation and sooth the mind
🌿eucalyptus: to help relieve cold, cough symptoms
🌿rosemary: to help improve memory and brain functions
🌿rose: to ease pain & relieve stress

I love the rosemary and citrus ones. Hope this guide will help you choose the best one based on your goals.

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