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Handmade Soaps - Our Approach

Written by Carol Pincione • Posted on October 5, 2021


In my prior blog posts, I explained how to make handmade natural soap and why natural soaps are different from store bought soaps.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something new about the behind the scenes of soap making process.

....but what about Bolle di Natura's approach to soapmaking and why are you choosing my soaps? Read Below ⬇️


πŸ’š Better for your Skin πŸ’š


Bolle di Natura ingredients are selected to ensure the soap's highest quality and to nurture your skin while washing it: mostly organic when it's possible to source or food grade, virgin and unrefined oils & butters.

One of the main ingredients of my soaps is olive oil. Olive oil is deeply moisturizing and nourishing to the skin and rich in antioxidants, perfect ingredient for the most sensitive skins. Other oils and butters in my recipes are: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, high oleic sunflower oil.

Pure essential oils and botanicals are leaving my soaps with a natural subtle scent. My soaps have zero artificial fragrances and zero parabens or chemical additives: leading causes of irritation, dryness and redness.


πŸ’š Better for our Planet πŸ’š


Bolle di Natura soaps are slowly made using the cold process method: without any additional external heating to accelerate the process.

All soaps are palm oil free.

Palm oil helps create long lasting hard soaps with fluffy lather at a cheap price. Because this oil is so overly used in cosmetic and many other industries, its massive production has a very negative impact on our environment.

There are no coloring linked to mining in my soaps but simply 100% natural additives like herbs, roots, spices or clays for extra skin benefits.

The soaps ship in a plastic free packaging made with recycled or compostable paper.


πŸ’š Kinder to animals πŸ’š


Natural plant based soaps are better for our skin as they contain no synthetic and irritant ingredients but they are also kinder to animals.

There are no animal products or animal byproducts in my soaps like lard, tallow or milk commonly used in soapmaking. The soaps are fully made with vegetable oils and raw vegetable butters.


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