Have You Ever Timed Your Shower?

Have you ever timed your shower?

Research shows that the average shower lasts eight minutes and regular shower heads use about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

This means that approx 20 gallons of water are used per shower.

Now add up how many showers a day per household, times cities, times countries …
a big water waste.... especially if you think there are countries that are more and more fighting problems of water scarcity and issues of energy consumption.

So what to do? Few ideas:

🌿Don’t let the water run while you are not ready to jump in the shower.

🌿If you are planning on buying a shower head, look into the ones that are low-flow.

🌿Don’t take too many showers a day, not even good for the skin.

🌿Reduce the temperature, our skin will thank you as well.

🌿When using soap, don’t let the water run.

🌿Switch to solid cosmetics as they have much less water content than liquid ones in their formulation.

But first, 👉👉let’s do try to time your shower and see if you are within the 8 minutes? Have you tried yet?

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