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3 Best Self Care Rituals

 for French Busy Independent Women


1. Exercise Daily

French Women exercise daily to keep themselves active and in shape. They don't choose anything drastic: they prefer yoga and meditation. Many of them can simply choose to commute by bike or walking and skip car rides opting for bus and metro which ensures they have their daily dose of movement.


2. Eat Healthy

French Women don't really eat croissants every day! Some enjoy them in the weekend as a special treat. They don't snack a lot throughout the day and their meals are generally lighter and healthy, mostly coming from ingredients picked at local organic markets. 


3. Evening Rituals

What's important for them is a good evening ritual that will allow them to enjoy a moment by themselves or wind down after a busy work day: a soothing bath, a skin care routine, a book to read, a scented candle, a herbal tea. This is all done to ensure a good night sleep.

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Photo Credit: Yan Krukov (woman in bath tub), Karolina Gabrowska (woman exercisin), Sarah Chai (woman with healthy food)