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7 Eco-Friendly Improvements to Your Rental

written by Lisa Walker of Neighborhood Sprout

If you want to move into a new rental or make your current rental more energy-efficient, there are many ways to do it. From installing new appliances and lighting fixtures to purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products, simple changes lower your energy costs and have an overall positive impact on the environment. Bolle di Natura invites you to check out this list of simple improvements that can make your rental more eco-friendly while simultaneously enhancing comfort.

1.    Energy Star Appliances

Upgrading your rental devices with Energy Star appliances saves you money on utility bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Ensure all your appliances are Energy Star rated, including dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and freezers. These appliances use less energy than their standard counterparts (sometimes up to 50% less), so make a conscious effort to purchase eco-friendly models when the need arises. In addition, unplug small appliances when they aren’t in use.

2.    Use Natural Cleaning Products and Soaps

Many cleaning products contain strong chemicals that not only irritate your respiratory system but are also bad for groundwater and general environmental impact. Make sure you’re using natural soaps, detergents, and cleaners to save your health and that of our planet. Bolle di Natura, based in New York, offers a selection of handmade sustainable soaps made from natural ingredients.

3.    Caulk Air Leaks

One of the best ways to save energy in your rental is to caulk air leaks. This sounds simple enough, but you may be surprised at how many places exist for hot or cold air to leak out. Start by checking around windows and doors to look for openings.

4.    Use a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a popular energy-saving and time-management tool. It adjusts your home's temperature to conserve energy while you're away and readjusts the temperature to a comfortable level when you're home. You can also program it for energy-saving mode on certain days and times of year to save even more money. 

5.    Choose a Rental Close to Work

If you’re moving into a new rental, look for properties that are close to your place of work. By living near your workplace, you can save time and money on transportation by walking or biking instead of using public transportation or commuting by automobile.

6.    Look for Solar Panels

Solar panels are increasingly common in New York rentals, as residents want an eco-friendly living space. Check for existing solar panels when you’re apartment shopping. For rentals without solar panels, ask if the landlord is willing to have them installed.

7.    Hire an Eco-Friendly Mover

By hiring a local New York mover, you can save extra fees on miles traveled. Some may conserve energy by seeking the most efficient routes between their old and new addresses. When deciding between companies, compare quotes and explore your options — check online for coupon codes or discounts. Do a quick search online for “Angi furniture movers near me” and scour reviews to ensure you hire movers who are trained and certified to handle items too delicate for do-it-yourself moving. Insist on an in-person quote to prevent surprise charges after the move is complete.

Make a Difference

Smart steps make a huge difference over time, helping you save money and lower your carbon footprint while enjoying a comfortable experience in your rental.

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