Collection: International Shipping (outside of EU)

This page is for shipping outside of Europe. The price on each product includes shipping costs. If you are encountering a problem in checking out from your country, please reach out. Our Contact form is in the main menu or by the end of this page.
International Shipping (outside of EU)

Why Buying Made in France?

French cosmetics meet strict and rigorous hygiene and manufacturing standards, guaranteeing you real safety and authenticity, with real traceability of ingredients. Each ingredient in fact has certifications which are reviewed and assessed by a professional chemist who evaluates and approves the safety of each product before it can go on sale to the European market.Subject to strict regulations and rigorous controls, therefore the "Made in France" product is a guarantee of quality and effectiveness.

Ethical - Organic - Vegan - Cruelty Free

Our suppliers are carefully selected based on their organic certifications & sustainable missions:

- Cruelty-free coconut oil sourced from a French small business whose focus is to ensure that monkeys are not exploited during the production

-Carbon-neutral oil farm in central Italy provides our exceptional extra virgin olive oil

-Essential oil distiller in the South of France promotes circular economy and low waste

-Raw shea butter from an association in Belgium who supports a cooperative of women empowering their community in Burkina Faso

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